Tax & Legal

In The Netherlands there are various periodic obligatory tax declarations and companies need to submit these declaration at the Tax & Customs Administration in time. IDC provides service concerns the following taxes:

•  Pay roll tax
We are trained to advise our clients regarding all aspects of payroll preparation and compliance. In fact we can offer a complete payroll service if you would like to outsource this time consuming process.

•  Value Added Tax (VAT/BTW)
Value Added Tax implies the taxation of the added value. By using the periodic overviews the VAT notification can be (legally obliged) submitted electronically.;

•  ICL Declaration (Intra Communitaire Leveringen)
The ICL Declaration applies only to companies who provide goods/services to or buy goods/services from a supplier established in another EU- country. We make the ICL declaration, and submit this for you;

•  Corporate Income Tax
IDC Accountants can calculate your taxable profit as well as guide you through your corporation tax return.  Our tax accountants make the process of filing your corporation tax effectively.

•  Personal Income Tax
According to the annual income and other information you provided we can submit the annual income tax-declaration to optimize the personal income tax for you as an entrepreneur.

•  General
IDC will make sure that tax refunds are  maximized or tax payments are minimalized. We inform our clients in time regarding tax payments.

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