Business Immigration

MVV Visa and Residence Permit
IDC can provide Employers, highly skilled Employees, Entrepreneurs and Investors with services for arranging working permits & entry visas, MVV Visa (temporarily residence permits, for staying longer than 3 months) and 1-5 years residence permit, eventually the residence permit an indefinite period or Dutch nationality. IDC also provides application services for residence permits based on family reunion.
Establish Company
IDC offers services to international customers to establish a legal entity in The Netherlands. The services includes setting up a limited entity (B.V.), registering with Chamber of Commerce, establishing or registering a Dutch branch or Dutch subsidiary under the mother company and registered with Tax Authority. We also provide legal advice with regard to the proper form or structure of the company or group of companies. We can help drafting the corporate charter and assist with the necessary formalities, such as obtaining a business license and bank accounts. In The Netherlands we co-operate with renowned notaries.
Market Research
We provide local European market research for international companies.  We provide match making services to help you find the local supplier, distributors and retailers list in each industry as you required.  
Local Support
You may need local professional support for your senior staffs during their visits to Europe in order to overcome the culture and language issues. We provide business support services from offering office facility, translation services, meeting and travel arrangement etc.

Other Services

At your requirement, we also provide the following services:
-    Applying 30% Ruling. The Netherlands utilizes the 30% ruling awarded by the Dutch Government to skilled expatriates. An employee assigned to The Netherlands who has specific expertise that is not available or that is scarce in the Dutch Labour Market is eligible to apply for a tax exempt allowance of 30 % of his or her salary.
-    Applying for Dutch Driving License or International Driving License (if qualified for 30% ruling)
-    Family child Education Consultancy

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