About IDC

International Domicile Company B.V. (IDC) is part of BRS Group, which was established in the year of 2004 in The Netherlands.

IDC specializes in providing a professional accountancy and immigration service to international entrepreneurs doing business in The Netherlands. Our team of professional accountants and tax advisors is dedicated to meet all your accounting and tax obligations, ensuring your business is fully compliant to Dutch law and all deadlines are met on time, every time. We also advise on the most tax efficient and legal way of organizing your business affairs.

We offer our customers a service package which covers most accountancy, tax, labor and immigration services according to your companies business scope. All costs are transparent and there are no hidden fees. With many years of professional experience and in depth knowledge we tailor your business structure and tax planning solutions to meet your unique personal requirements.

All your information will be kept on a confidential base.


International Domicile Company B.V.
A Gotenweg 13L
  5342 PP Oss
  The Netherlands
T +31 (0)41 264 0500
F +31 (0)73 844 0131
E info@idcnl.com