Pay roll administration

Pay roll administration could be a very complicated field. The pay roll administration needs to be carried out in a discreet and accurate manner. IDC advises our clients regarding all aspects of payroll preparation and compliance. We can also provide human resource consulting and advice on recruiting and retaining staff. With our accountants and tax-advisors, IDC offers full-package pay roll administration services.

These services include:

•  Setting up the pay roll administration

•  Updating the pay roll deduction tables

•  Registering new employees for the tax authority

•  Updating employees data

•  Booking working hours

•  Preparing monthly pay roll slip

•  Providing salary-payment overviews

•  Taking care of the periodic pay roll tax return

•  Reporting to social security agency (UWV)

•  Preparing the annual pay roll tax report for the tax authority

•  Preparing the annual salary-overview for employees

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