International Domicile Company

The Dutch have a truly international perspective. The Netherlands plays a leading role in the international trade industry. Today The Netherlands is the 16th largest economy in the world. It is a prosperous country with open economy, which is heavily dominated by trade.

Barriers to Dutch market entry are low and the transparent legal framework and sophisticated financial services system all combine to make the market an attractive place for international companies. With Rotterdam as the biggest sea port of Europe and Schiphol as the 3rd largest European cargo airport, The Netherlands has become the gateway to Europe. 60-70% of its imports are  re-exported to the rest of Europe and beyond, representing a useful springboard into other European markets.

The mission of International Domicile Company (IDC) is to assist international companies/entrepreneurs  with setting up enterprises in The Netherlands and provide our international business accountancy expertise and highly skilled immigration services in The Netherlands.

Due to the fact that regulations and business practice in The Netherlands may be different from those in your home country, international companies are frequently confronted with unforeseen problems in the financial area. IDC is specialized in providing all inclusive and affordable tax &legal advices for companies that do business in The Netherlands or that want to start doing business in The Netherlands.  We help customers to prevent and, if necessary, to solve problems with accounting, tax (returns), insurance, liability, mortgages, pension and other financial issues. We also provide companies with addresses for both the company and for their executives.
The partners of the firm have extensive experience in the field of mergers & acquisitions and legal structuring of businesses in The Netherlands and the rest of the Europe. The firm offers legal services ranging from setting-up a solid legal structure for your cooperation in The Netherlands to the day-to-day legal issues that may arise.

At IDC we are committed serving entrepreneurs at the highest level. We aim to help our customers to get on with their business in The Netherlands with the minimum of inconvenience.

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